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on Tuesday, July 8, 2014
Teknologi yang Menghidupkan Interior Anda

Membuat kesan ‘hidup’ pada interior ruangan Anda tentu saja dapat dilakukan dengan berbagai cara. Beberapa pilihan style desain interior ruangan populer seperti modern-minimalis, kontemporer, eclectic, dan lain sebagainya, juga memerlukan sentuhan tambahan yang dapat meningkatkan atmosfer nyaman dalam ruang.  Salah satu cara yang paling umum adalah dengan pemilihan barang-barang yang tepat sehingga dapat menciptakan suasana hidup yang dikehendaki. Tidak hanya dengan memasukkan elemen yang memberikan kesan alami, tren terbaru yaitu dengan menggunakan teknologi terkini yang mampu menghadirkan suasana lain pada interior Anda.
            Samsung Curved UHD TV merupakan salah satu pilihan teknologi yang tepat. Televisi dengan teknologi terbaru dan tercanggih ini memiliki feature-feature yang mampu membuat atmosfer ruangan lebih hidup. Mengapa televisi? Mengapa curved?
            Televisi dahulu memang bukan merupakan item dekorasi, namun dengan semakin tingginya kebutuhan akan informasi, televisi kini menjadi item penting yang wajib menjadi bagian dari sebuah ruangan. Variasi desain dan feature yang dimiliki dapat membantu menambahkan elemen penghidup dari desain interior ruangan Anda.
            Samsung Curved UHD TV memiliki feature yang dapat memberikan pengalaman menonton yang spektakuler seolah Anda berada di dalam tayangan. Gambar yang dihasilkan terlihat lebih hidup dengan teknologi Auto Depth Enhancer yang memberikan efek kedalaman di tiap adegan. Kualitas gambar yang dihasilkan pun akan terlihat real, jernih, tajam, dan mendetail selayak aslinya.
            Desain curved yang elegan dan modern juga akan sesuai dengan berbagai pilihan style desain interior populer ruangan Anda. Selain itu, tak perlu pusing lagi dengan kabel malang melintang yang dapat merusak keindahan desain ruangan Anda karena Samsung Curved UHD TV juga memiliki teknologi One Connect akan membuat tampilan televisi Anda selalu premium dan rapi.
            Berbagai keunggulan tersebut tidak dapat dipungkiri lagi mampu memberikan suasana lebih hidup pada interior Anda. Ruangan akan semakin semarak dan jauh dari kesan dingin dan membosankan. Berkumpul bersama keluarga maupun teman di rumah akan selalu mejadi momen yang tak terlupakan. Jadi, pastikan Anda memilih item yang tepat dan ciptakan suasana yang hidup untuk interior ruangan Anda. 

Kamis, 3 Juli 2014

At Last

on Thursday, April 18, 2013
- 29 September 2012 -

I'm only gonna say at last.. Nothing more or less.. 

"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, 
always with the same person..."
- Unknown -  

Letter to Grandpa

on Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Dear Kakek,

First of all i want to say i miss you that bad. How are you up there? Did you had a good time? I wish you were here now Kek.. I kept wanting you in my dreams. Wondering what would happen if you still be here with us. I'm guessing you'll be the most excited man right now...

Kek, i'm getting married soon.. I bet you always imagining this moment to come since i was childhood. Are you thrilled hearing this? Hehe... If you are still here, i want you to be my best man.. No one suitable more than you did. And i will be the happiest bride with you on my side..

Kek, i am still thinking why you leave me that fast? It was too soon.. You even do not have a chance to see me graduates from college. Aren't you the one who always wanting to see me go to college and picking me up after class? It will be fun! I will ask you to buy me an ice cream each time you come over. Oh, oh, or maybe i will ask you to accompanying me shopping around the mall? Sounds fun, right? Or you will sneaking over my boyfriend and i will protest when you did.. :) Oh Kek, things would be very different if you still around... You always backing me up and i wouldn't felt this lonely...

Kek, growing up was extremely hard for me.. Most of times, i feel so lonely and weak. Feels like i am solitaire and nobody will protecting me. It was creepy... When i made a mistake, nobody hold me and says "it's okay, do not scared. We will find anything to fix this". In contrary, they are blaming, pointing finger on me, yelling, offend and striking me.. Kek, i need you to support me. I know you always have faith on me and trusting me.

Maybe you will think why i felt like this when i am almost getting married, right? Why i am not telling you how much i want this to happen and how happy i am? Kek, i am tremendously happy... So happy to have him on my side.. He was so gentle, responsible, brave, and warm man. You will love him like your own grand son if you had a chance to meet him.. :) Still, no relationship is perfect. We have to struggle to fight for what we have right now. Sometimes thing gets harder and we arguing. But he is the one for me, no matter what.. Aaandd it was another story, now i just want to talk to you as your grand child that miss her grandpa so bad while she's one step away to a marriage. :) Kek, bless us to have a wonderful life ahead, under the holy vow. Bless us to be happy and completing each other's. I know maybe i am not the greatest grand daughter for you, but you are my best man.. Your blessing means everything to me..

Kek, i will write you another letter.. Do not forget to attend my wedding Kek. Be anywhere you like, i will waiting for your presence. :)

Your  grand daughter,


- Iki dan Kakek Said -

A Ring & A Bouquet

on Friday, June 22, 2012
For the rest of my life, receiving gifts from a boy doesn't make any major changes on the way i looked up that person. Chocolates, flowers, clothes, etc, all of it just a one-time mood booster... Happy? Yes of course. But changing the way i live? No can do.

Things gets different when you grow up... When its not about "gifts", its about "whose the one that giving you the gifts". A man.  

A man who give you a ring in front of your parent and his parent.. A ring that his mother put on by herself to your finger. It isn't about the "gift" again, right? It was a one step closer to the next level of commitment. Our whole life commitment...

Now i am no longer a free girl who able to run, jump, cry, disappear and doing what ever i like.. I am a woman who has a man hugging her by his commitment and mark he gave to her.. A ring. A woman that faced a lot of trouble, obstacles, hard time and cries for keeping her faith, a faith for holding on to a man. I am no longer having my own self, he owns me.. :) 

- The Engagement Day, 27th May 2012 -

How many times a woman got a beautiful bouquet from her man? Hundred times? Me? It my first time got a bouquet from my man (not my boyfriend, okay? Different level i guess xD).
I know, maybe, the major reason he gave me the bouquet because we will held a video shooting for our wedding invitation in the next day. Haha... But still, he said that he wants to buy this for me... He is my man and he wants me to have this beautiful bouquet... I am feeling lucky... I am feeling grateful... I am feeling owned... 
Until the wedding day comes, then i will be fully owned by him.. :) 

- Wedding Invitation Video Shoot Session, 17th June 2010 -

"A simple grateful thought turned heavenwards 

is the most perfect prayer." - Doris Lessing -

Runaway Bride

on Thursday, April 19, 2012
 I am profoundly and irreversibly screwed up... Yes right, i need a Plan B...


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